Published short fiction

How To Build Your Dreamhouse

  • A festive story of family breakdown, performed by the brilliant Paul Clarke for Liars’ League’s Hopes & Fears night on Tuesday 13th December 2022

Christmas Special

  • A story about a group of TV writers struggling to come up with a killer yarn for a Yuletide episode. Brought to life by the fantastic Patsy Prince for Liars’ League’s Friends & Family night in December 2021.

Certain Promises, Certain Threats

  • A dark story set in Limbo and inspired by Ian Cobain’s book Cruel Brittannia. Performed wonderfully by Oli Yellop for Liars’ League’s Order & Chaos night on 8 June 2021

The Darkening

  • An apocalyptic tale about the world running out of light. Published by Bandit Fiction on 28 February 2021.

Last Christmas

  • A story written for the Liars’ League Christmas special, performed by the fantastic Tony Bell on 8 December 2020. You can watch it here.

The Black Hole of Westminster

  • A story about vanishing monuments inspired by controversies over imperial artefact theft. It was shortlisted in the Retreat West short story competition and published in their How to Hold an Umbrella collection in September 2020. The book is available from Amazon here.

I See You

  • A story inspired by Google Glass and Instagram influencers. Published as part of Litro’s Tuesday Tales series on 5 November 2019.

Like a Dog

Frozen Futures

  • A man decides to have his head frozen after he dies, but the future is not as he expected. Performed at the Liars League ‘Infinity & Beyond’ night in June 2019 along with four other largely sci-fi themed stories and performed by Tony Bell. Tony’s fantastic performance is up on YouTube.

The Dungeon Master’s Guide

  • This story about a disgruntled D&D dungeon master was performed by actor David Mildon for the Liars’ League Halloween event in October 2018. David’s epic performance can be watched here.

Everybody’s Waiting

  • Published in the debut issue of A Million Ways magazine in May 2018. Available to buy here.

The Machine Room

Last Light

  • A story written for Popshot Magazine’s ‘Light’ issue, about an inventor who is not what he seems. Published in issue 18 of Popshot in October 2017 along with a stunning illustration by Nick Taylor. The issue was also reviewed by UK Lit Mag Review.

Lights Out With A Click

  • A story told from the perspective of a character in a computer role-playing game akin to 1987’s Dungeon Master who begins to question the rote nature of his existence. Published by CartridgeLit in their NextGen Temple issue on 11 July 2017.

The e-Shadow

  • Inspired by the Hans-Christian Andersen story The Shadow but with added social media, this story was published on the website of The London Magazine on 19 July 2016

The Veil of Stars

  • I’m very grateful to the award-winning Lighthouse for picking up this story for their twelfth issue in July 2016. Much less conventional than my usual work, this piece uses space travel as an extended metaphor for dementia. Available to buy here.

Make Me British

  • Inspired by TV talent shows and the refugee crisis, and published by Litro in their Britishness issue in March 2016.

Now I Am Become Ken Burns, The Destroyer of Worlds

  • This featured a galaxy of aliens and a predictably topless Vladimir Putin. It was a semi-finalist in the Broken Pencil Indie Writers’ Deathmatch in January 2016, which was a fun – if exhausting – battle for votes. Available online and also in print with a beautiful illustration. You should buy the print version and ideally subscribe to Broken Pencil. as it’s an excellent magazine with some of the best comics I’ve ever seen.

The Replacements

  • Aliens. Babies. Allegory. Published by 3:AM Magazine, on 28 March 2013.

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