One in a million

I have a story out in the first issue of a new lit mag, A Million Ways. The story, titled Everybody’s Waiting, is – perhaps typically – somewhat morbid. You can buy a copy from the mag’s Facebook store.

Thanks to Dan Hancock and the team at A Million Ways. They’ve done a great job putting together a beautiful little magazine, which I know must have been no easy task. You can read more about Dan’s inspiration for the mag in an article he wrote for the Dorset Writers’ Network.

3 thoughts on “One in a million

  1. Thanks Rhys. We’ve enjoyed working with you, and we look forward to doing so again. Maybe its just me but I hadn’t really noticed the morbidity within Everybody’s Waiting. To me, it was about family and the things that go on within them. What was noted was the clever way that you shifted time and the narrative along. A lot happens, a lot of time passes, a lot is said and in so few words.

    Great writing and we are delighted its in Issue One.

    1. Thanks, Dan. You did a great job with the first issue. A Million Ways is sitting very nicely next to other titles on my lit mag shelf. Thanks for publishing my story.

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