Picture this

Finally got my hands on the latest issue of Broken Pencil, featuring my story, Now I Am Become Ken Burns, The Destroyer of Worlds.

It’s been a long wait, but it was worth it. Someone has produced a brilliant illustration to go with the story (see below) and the whole thing looks fantastic. The title has been shortened for the opening page, but as a subeditor I’m sympathetic to people dealing with overly long headlines.

The issue also contains the other three finalists from the Indie Writers’ Deathmatch, the winning Moulting, by Madeeha Hashmi; Louisa, by Andi Schwarz; and Ryan Power’s Jean-Claude Van Damsel in Distress. So that’s a lot of quality fiction!

Also included is a write-up of how the Deathmatch unfolded, not quite a blow-by-blow account but it captures the awful horror, violence and bloodshed of those fateful few weeks in the ring and the (inevitable) Hashmi victory.

All in all, it’s a quality issue. Go buy it at the online store. Or if you’re lucky enough to live in the liberal dreamland of Canada, maybe even an actual store?